We also provide short courses

In order to provide you with the leading edge, Harvesthouse has designed and implemented dynamic executive professional development programmes for individuals and companies at the various stages of their careers. It is ideally positioned to act as your learning partner in ensuring that the knowledge, skills and experience you acquire is both relevant and responsive to your professional development as well as career advancement needs. Our training courses cover a broad range of subjects or topics to assist in building the capacity and skills of public and private sector professionals. Taking a highly practical and interactive approach to training, our programmes cover both soft and technical skills. Topics covered include leadership and management, governance and strategy, project management, policy-making and evaluation, pensions and financial management.

We offer more than 120 course dates throughout the year in global locations, delivering a broad range of subjects, dates and locations for busy public and private sector executives. Our courses are designed to deliver a clear step-by-step development pathway as you progress through your career. Our training utilises a wide range of innovative techniques and methodologies that bring the learning alive, including group exercises, visits to peer organisations and one-to-one coaching.

Harvesthouse offers the following executive education programmes and short courses, click any of the following courses and learn more: